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The Ava nft program consists of nft characters utilised to multiple future

gamefinance applications by D.P.Monks Finance.

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XDX AVA_edited_edited.jpg
RDX AVA_edited_edited_edited.png
XSQUAD HUNTER AVA_edited_edited.jpg



Project XD-3 is The ava nft program. A AVA is a NFT, displaying a autonomous virtual animation, they have been carefully designed with precision from interior to exterior and cannot be replicated. The characters have been successfully tested in augmented reality game environments, equipped with a endomorphic skeleton for mobility in future game finance applications by d.p.monks finance.


The program is designed so that characters can be utilised in multiple different game play environments able to transition experience points, enhancements and upgrades between each game on a combined database. Further more when a user wishes to trade their ava nft to another user the experience, enhancements and upgrades also transition with the nft relating to the game. This means a user can train a ava nft to become more valuable, to later trade or use in a game finance environment earning crypto rewards from gameplay or each other in a variety of different gameplay applications.

AVA test character in Augmented reality

AVA traits + Value

The AVA NFt's have 6 unique properties and value of information in the meta data, foundational properties that never decrease in value but can increase through gameplay or token payments.

HP - Hit points, a representation of health for the AVA NFT character.
Attack - Hit points removed from opposition for standard attacks.

Damage - the amount of damage in % (from attack property) for ranged attacks.
Defence - The defence of the character if unable to block an incoming attack.
Resistance - the defence of the character in % (from defence property) if unable to block incoming ranged attacks.
Speed - the speed in which a user takes action.

Displayed in the meta data are 3 additional properties for information value that are not able to increase or decrease through gameplay.

Special - The specialist skill the character can use in competitive gameplay.
Supply - the supply number of that specific AVA NFT character.
Rarity - A rarity class to determine how unique in comparison to foundational level traits the characters are, in the same class.

Characters available

Each 'Cryptonator', AVA NFT character is limited in supply. All can be found on sale on our radical-x nft exchange

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